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In 1997 Suppressed Tactical Weapons, Inc. (STW, Inc.) began designing a totally new suppression system for weapons. This system was designed to eliminate all multiple peice internals such as baffles, spacers, and other components inside the suppressor. Instead of using these multiple peice configurations, STW, Inc. simply uses an ingenious one (1) piece module that replaces these multiple pieces. The one piece module in different configurations is used in all STW, Inc. suppressors. With the exception of the M4 3L (3 Lug Quick Detach) and the MP5 3L (3 Lug Quick Detach) which have four (4) total parts each; a front end cap, suppressor tube, one piece module and 3 lug coupler, all other suppressors have only three (3) total parts; a front end cap, suppressor tube, one piece module.

The one piece module begins with a piece of solid bar titanium. After several operations have been completed on a CNC lathe the module is then placed on a CNC mill where certain designs are milled into it. After milling, the module is ready to screwed and locked into the rear of the suppressor tube.

The one piece module slows and cools the hot gases, ths reducing the energy that would be perceived as sound. Also, since it is only one piece, there are not multiple pieces inside the suppressor that can shoot loose, move or interfere with the bullet while it is inside the suppressor. STW, Inc. also enlarges the bullet path of the suppressor in order to accommadate subsonic ammunition.